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Germancosm's first product is a dual-language book, Canadian Escapades -- Bilingual Edition: English and German, aligned by sentence.

Founder: Scott Lawton. Three decades ago, I spent a year between high school and college as an engineering apprentice in Germany. That wasn't enough to get me close to being fluent, but I started scribbling ideas for how the learning process could be improved. I also did some learning to think at MIT, and kept making notes as I pursued various software and Web ventures. I'm happy to finally turn some of those ideas into reality.

What's New

May 19, 2013: Please consider supporting our Give1-Get1 project at Indiegogo. When you back the project for $15 or more, you get one book and I will give one book to a library or school.

Here's some context on my project and why I chose Indiegogo. Crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter provide a way for individuals to fund projects, products and people based on some combination of pre-payment, extra perks/rewards (a thank-you card, t-shirt, etc.), and simple generosity. It's actually a brilliant way to enable creators to overcome the initial funding hurdles -- and for each backer to become part of the process and then get something that may otherwise never have come into existence.

An Indiegogo press release from last year: Indiegogo Partners with Google and Stiftung Entrepreneurship.

Here are several other bilingual projects at Indiegogo and Kickstarter -- though alas mostly not including German.

Active projects (other than mine):

Funded within the last year or so at Indiegogo:

Funded within the last year or so at Kickstarter:

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Links to other resources

Online dictionaries - a good starting point - with very useful forums - one of the earliest sources - plus phrases & example sentences - search plus grammar - multi-lingual

In English

The German Way - A guide to German culture and daily life in German-speaking Europe for travelers, expats, and business people. (book and website)

In English and German

Raising Bilingual Children in English, and Bilingual Erziehen auf Deutsch: eine Webseite für Eltern, die Ihre Kinder zweisprachig oder mehrsprachig erzielen. Auf der Webseite finden sich Informationen, Ratschläge, Links und viele Produkte, die für die Stimulierung einer Sprache von Bedeutung sind.